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Luke Guldan is an American actor and film producer. Luke has had  leading roles in feature films, guest-starring roles on TV and a number  of successes on stage. Luke recently guest-starred on NBC’s “Law &  Order: SVU”, CBS’ critically-acclaimed “Blue Bloods” and Comedy  Central’s new hit “Broad City”.  Luke has also made TV appearances on  “Gossip Girl”, “Royal Pains”, “The Colbert Report” and MTV’s “Hey Girl”.   Luke has lead roles in upcoming feature films “The Tailor’s  Apprentice” and “Addicted”, and his first feature film lead in “The  Watermen” brought him to the 2011 Toronto Independent Film Festival for  its premiere. Luke was the lead in the theatrical adaptation of “The  Graduate” and he appeared in Tennessee Williams’ classic “Street Car  Named Desire” and David Storey’s critically acclaimed “The Changing  Room”. Born in Milwaukee and raised in Brooklyn, Luke excelled at  athletic pursuits as a child. An alumnus of the University of Florida,  Luke is an accomplished athlete, nationally recognized for his  achievements in health and fitness; Luke was named the NABBA “Mr. Teen  Empire State” in 2004 and the INBF “Mr. Fitness” in 2008 and 2009. Luke  has been on the covers of and featured in magazines such as Men’s  Health, GQ, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness and Cosmopolitan. Luke  currently resides in New York City.